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My Teenage Life: Chantelle's Story.
The tv shines bright, cutting through the darkness like a knife, as me and my best friend sit on the couch and stare at the screen. There's a crazy british queen in the movie, screaming her head off. I look up at Damon and a grin spreads across his face. He mimics the british accent and I tumble off the couch in a fit of laughter. I pull the blankets down with me.
"Hey, it's cold up here." Damon laughs.
I give him a sarcastic look. "You could help me up, you know!"
He grins and extends a hand to me. I take it firmly and give a hard tug. He slips off and lands on top of me. I gasp then giggle. I look up into his hazel eyes and the room goes silent. The  tv only a buzz in the distance. I get lost in his eys. So lost I don't hear my brother's footsteps down the stairs. A bright light turns on and both mine and Damon's head turn towards the living room door. Dylan's staring wide eyed down at us. I try to imagine this senario through his eyes. His little sister lieing underneath a guy
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One piece Sanji fanfic
Luffy leaned on the ship's mast, holding his straw hat. His black hair flew in the wind. As captain of the Straw Hat pirates, he has to keep us together. But our navigator Nami has been kidnapped. We were worried but Luffy was at the edge of despair. "Nami, we'll get you back" he swore. I glanced at the others.
"Don't fret, Capt'n. They won't break her" I whispered. I know it.
"That's not what I'm worried about, Kyoko. What if Nami's hurt?" The 17 year old Captain replied. Sanji, the kind-hearted cook, pulled me into his arms. He sighed.
"Not helping, Kyoko-chan" he said.
"Get off" I hissed, shaking my orange tipped brown hair out of my grey eyes. I was really teasing him.
I'm Kyoko Minami aka Kick ass Kyoko, 18 year old martial artist, Sanji's assistant cook and psychic. "Don't forget I saved you the day we met" Sanji replied. I blushed because it was true; Pirates kidnapped me and threatened to kill me but Luffy's crew arrived, Sanji disarmed them and escaped with me and his crew, in
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Hello there! sorry for the lateness! But finally here it is! The official Christmas contest annoucement!


Christmas time is here! The time of giving and love! So presents, Family, and of course a santa hat!


~Must include at least ONE present, Santa hat AND a family of some sort
~ Must include an OC of somesort
~ You can enter up to 3 times
~It can be absolutely any media whether thats a sketch, Lineart, GIF ect.
~Contributors can take part but co-founders cant

DUEDATE: January 31st ~We're giving you 3 months....I think thats more than enough time!~

~Prizes~ please donate something!
The best part! XD

1st Place
~Something from me~
~B/w full body from Shenira~
~chibi from :devclud-strife-kun:~

2nd Place
~Something from me~
~B/w half body from Shenira~

3rd Place
~Something from me~
~B/w half body from Shenira~
More Journal Entries

I'm Laying down the laws. XD

hey members of Supa-ocs, Sugared-spice here. XD Ok there may not be millions of rules but follow them! or else you see why i'm called Sugared-spice :evillaugh: ...

just kidding about after or else, 'KAY!

:bulletred: ABSOLUTELY NO YAOI, YURI OR HENTAI! These will be immediately removed. Ecchi is ok as long as you have a filter.
:bulletorange: no Art theft... No brainer
:bulletyellow: if you don't like your work don't submit it! simple as
:bulletgreen: put your submission in the right folder, it makes my life simpler.
:bulletblue: the featured is mainly for things :iconanimefangirl365: and myself think are some of the best out there ok. don't be too dissapointed if it gets rejected.
:bulletpurple: this is a group for oc's, but use it as a chance to see new animes, mangas or books you've heard of before. XD








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